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Thank you for visiting the official website of A&J SOLUTION.

A&J SOLUTION strives to create new business associations from existing businesses or to develop new markets based on trade brokerages.

Our company focuses on creating new business models centering on Korea-Thailand trade. However, depending on the situation, we seek new items and businesses in markets with opportunities such as China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.

In particular, we are involved in government projects in Thailand to help Korean companies enter the market. Our company has a connection with most government agencies in Thailand. It also focuses on developing Thailand's social networks and systems such as defense industry, public facilities and convenience facilities. We are making efforts not only to be profitable but also return benefits to the society on a national scale.

We will advance into Southeast Asia’s emerging market with A&J SOLUTION to become a company that can increase mutual profits, establish trust, communicate and cooperate.

Thank you.

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